On Saturday, December 1, Casa del Herrero hosted its annual Christmas at the Casa event. The evening would not have been possible without the Casa’s many generous supporters. It is with immense gratitude that we thank the following sponsors:


Sharon and David Bradford
Susan and William McKinley


Wendy and Chris Blau
Burrows/Tucker Group at UBS Santa Barbara
Karen and Stephen Clark
Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Joan and Palmer Jackson
Susan and Palmer Jackson, Jr.
Travis and Tom Kranz
Nanette and Henry Nevins
Meghan and Robert Stoll, Jr.
Cheryl and Peter Ziegler


Susan and Riley Bechtel
Heather and Chris Biles
Laura and John Bridley
Jane S. Dyruff
Elizabeth H. Edwards
Emily and Blake Jones
Patty and John MacFarlane
Mari and Patrick McAlister
Elizabeth Storm McGovern
Gretchen and Marshall Milligan
Steedman Descendants


Jen and Skip Abed
Terry Anderson
Marc and Joanna Appleton
Robin and Peter Barker
Melita Bass
Alexandra and Joost Bongaerts
Loren Booth
Ella and Scott Brittingham
Lynn and Christopher Brown
Gay Browne
Louise and Tim Casey
Stebbins and Mary Carolyn Chandor
Betsy and Ken Coates
Bill and Kathryne Dahlman
Jane and Bruce Defnet
Tisha Weber Ford
Susan Gordon and Scott Francis
Bryan Goligoski
The Guerin Foundation
Cynthia and John Hall
Mary and Doug Hampson
Perri Harcourt
Ashley and Chris Hardy
Albert P. Hinckley, Jr.
Nancy Hunter
Jeffrey and Hollye Jacobs
Jennifer and Niall Kelly
Bobbie and John Kinnear
Kristi Marks and Charlie Knight
John and Debbie Mackall
Jennifer Markham
Suzanne Tucker and Timothy F. Marks
Ginger Salazar and Brett Matthews
Alixe and Mark Mattingly
Amy and Michael Mayfield
Jocelyne and William Meeker
John and Janet McCann
John and Lana McIntyre
Andrew and Kellen Meyer
Hank and Mari Mitchel
Betsey and John Moller
Valerie and Robert Montgomery
Lois H. Moore
Fran Morrow
Mosher Foundation
Judy Munzig
Northern Trust
Laura Lewis and Kevin O’Connor
Marianne Sprague and Allan Rogers
David Luna and Jim Rivera
Alison Wrigley and Geoffrey Claflin Rusack
Michele and Andre Saltoun
Lisa and Mike Schlagel
Nancy B. Schlosser
Anne and Allen Sides
Sharol and Wayne Siemens
Barbara and Wayne Smith
Daryl and John Stegall
Nola Stucky
Laura and Alex Taron
Alice Van de Water
Carolyn and Robert E. Williams, Jr.
Michael MacElhenny and David Wine
Douglas Wise
Joanie and Gerhardt Zacher

Casa Angel

Jane and Kenneth Anderson
Laurel Beebe Barrack
Jane and David Buchanan
Ceci Clarke
Pat and Sandy Crotteau
Barbara Dangleis
Kate Firestone
Paul G. and Kee Ralphs Flynn
Margaret Kemp
Lillian Lovelace
Kathleen and Timothy Macker
Frank Pennino
Nancy Jane Read
Regina and Rick Roney
Mark Schmidt
Joe and Sue Skenderian
Michele and Stewart White