Christmas at the Casa would not be possible without Casa del Herrero’s many generous supporters. It is with immense gratitude that we thank the following sponsors:


Karen and Stephen Clark

Michael MacElhenny and David Wine


Vicki and Lachlan Hough

Palmer and Joan Jackson

Mari and Patrick McAlister

Janet McCann

Meghan and Robert Stoll, Jr.


Peter and Robin Barker

Betsy Edwards

Cynthia and John Hall

Perri Harcourt

Louis Fermelia and Shane McCoy Fermelia

Elizabeth Storm McGovern

Gretchen and Marshall Milligan

Montecito Bank & Trust


American Riviera Bank

Henry and Gwen Baker

Melita Jane Bass

Robert and Alisa Baur

Heather and Chris Biles

Chris and Wendy Blau

Laura and John Bridley

Susan and Brett Caine

Louise and Tim Casey

Betsy and Ken Coates

Kathryne and William Dahlman

Karen Roberts and Brad Dyruff

Marc Normand Gelinas

Caroline Williams Goddard & Drew Goddard

Leslie and Phillip Haight

Cynthia and John Hall

Albert P. Hinckley, Jr.

Chana and Jim Jackson

Susan and Palmer Jackson, Jr.

Gina Jannotta

Emily and Blake Jones

Jennifer and Niall Kelly

Bobbie and John Kinnear

Lauren Korshak

Travis and Tom Kranz

Susan and Robert Lieff

Lily and David Marx

Ginger Salazar and Brett Matthews

Amy and Michael Mayfield

William and Jocelyn Meeker

Hank and Mari Mitchel

Elizabeth and John Moller

Lois Moore

Fran Morrow

Gretchen and Jack Norqual

NS Ceramic

Geoff Rusack and Alison Wrigley Rusack

Sally and Bill Russ

Patricia Ryan

Lisa and Mike Schlagel

Nancy Schlosser

Wayne and Sharol Siemens

Patrick and Jennifer Smith

Denise and James Taylor

Gary and Susanne Tobey

Carolyn and Bob Williams

Katherine Pharibe Wise

Casa Angel

Anthony B. Barton

George S. Bass

Sheila and Michael Bonsignore

Lynn Cunningham Brown and Christopher C. Brown

Barbara Dangleis

Dorothy and John Gardner

Linda and Bob Gersh

Sally Green

Gregory Goodman and Paul R. Langh

Judith Little

Lillian Lovelace

Frank Pennino

Greg and Jane Porter

Sue and Joseph R. Skenderian

Susan and Ken Tarlow

Alexander and Laura Taron

Caroline Thompson

Hal and Alison Washburn

Michele and Stewart White

Jean Von Wittenburg

Auction and Ornament Donors

Heather and Chris Biles

Louise Casey

Coast 2 Coast

Field + Fort

Kee Flynn

Ronnie Haran

Vicki and Lachlan Hough

Emily and Blake Jones

Jennifer and Niall Kelly

Bobbie and John Kinnear

Mason Beach Inn

Mari and Patrick McAlister

Janet McCann

Cheryl Miller

Fran Morrow

Holly Murphy

Roger’s Gardens

Rosewood Miramar Beach

Santa Barbara Sailing Center

Anne Sisteron

Meghan and Robert Stoll

Toma Restaurant

Liz Young