On Saturday, December 2, Casa del Herrero will host Christmas at the Casa, its annual holiday event. The event would not be possible without the Casa’s many generous supporters. It is with immense gratitude that we thank the following individuals and corporate sponsors:


Robin and Peter Barker
Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Karen and Stephen Clark
Joan and Palmer Jackson
Susan and Palmer Jackson, Jr.
Travis and Tom Kranz
Susan and William McKinley
Nanette and Henry Nevins
Fred Burrows and Ben Tucker
Cheryl and Peter Ziegler


Kelly and Tom Bilek
Sharon and David Bradford
Betsy Edwards
Elizabeth Storm McGovern
Gretchen and Marshall Milligan
Lois H. Moore
Frances M. Morrow
Eileen and Alex Rasmussen
Alison Wrigley & Geoffrey Claflin Rusack
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stoll, Jr.


Jen and Skip Abed
Joanna Kerns and Marc Appleton
Gwen and Henry Baker
Nicole and Andrew Ball
Laurel Barrack
Alisa and Robert Baur
Heather and Chris Biles
Christian Kraus and Jamie Bishton
Laura and John Bridley
Lynn and Chris Brown
Betsy and Ken Coates
Kathryne and William Dahlman
Elizabeth and Kenneth Doran
Jane S. Dyruff
Elizabeth and Greg Fowler
Cynthia and John Hall
Mary and Douglas Hampson
Hollye and Jeff Jacobs
Emily and Blake Jones
Robert Lieff and Linda Koehler
Judith A. Little
Lillian Lovelace
Debbie and John Mackall
Jennifer and John Markham
Suzanne Tucker and Timothy F. Marks
Mari and Patrick McAlister
Janet and John McCann
Jennifer and Patrick McCoy
Kellen and Andrew Meyer
Mari and Hank Mitchel
Betsey and John Moller
Mary and Jim Morouse
Susan and Ron Morrow
Suzanne Rheinstein
David Luna and Jim Rivera
Missy and Tim Ryan
Nancy Schlosser
Barbara and Wayne Smith
Marianne Sprague
Daryl and John Stegall
The Steedman Family
Susanne and Gary Tobey
Patty and Nick Weber
Carolyn and Bob Williams
Joanie and Gery Zacher

Corporate Sponsors

Champagne Billecart-Salmon
Claiborne & Lime ~ Event Design & Production
Daniel Gibbings
Margerum Wine Company
Rabobank Wealth Management
UBS Santa Barbara