Casa del Herrero is currently showing the exhibition Channing Peake – To Mexico and Beyond on view at the Casa from October 13, 2021 to March 26, 2022. A collaboration with the Channing Peake Estate, the exhibit is comprised of several drawings made by Peake during his time in Mexico during the mid-1930s, and beyond.

“Casa del Herrero afforded Channing the opportunity to go to Mexico for the first time, providing a connection to the country that lasted a lifetime,” said Channing Peake’s wife Cheri Peake.

Channing Peake, an internationally celebrated California artist, worked as an apprentice at Casa del Herrero from 1933-34. While only at the Casa for a year, he left an indelible mark on the aesthetic, painting many images on the interior of the historic George Washington Smith main house. Eager to study mural painting, Peake left Casa del Herrero for Mexico where he worked with the renowned muralist Diego Rivera.

To Mexico and Beyond follows Peake’s trajectory from Casa del Herrero to Mexico, the drawings he produced at this time, and the subsequent mural work he completed upon his return to Santa Barbara. After his initial trip to Mexico, Peake developed a love of the country that included a deep connection to its people and culture. He frequently returned over the years, often visiting with his friend and fellow artist Rufino Tamayo.

The exhibition includes work Peake made on these subsequent visits with many of the drawings available for purchase with 50 percent of the proceeds given to support Casa del Herrero. Click here to view and purchase artwork.

“Channing Peake will always be connected to the Casa’s legacy,” said Casa Executive Director Jessica Tade. “He was greatly inspired by his time at the estate, an influence which is noticeable throughout his career. It is exciting to show these wonderful drawings to bring a further understanding of his work to the community.”

Tickets can be purchased by calling Casa del Herrero at (805) 565-5653.