After just one week in their new Montecito home, Carolyn and Bob Williams hosted their first out-of-town guests. Wanting to be good hosts, Carolyn asked her neighbor for some ideas of sites they could visit in the area. Without hesitating, the neighbor directed Carolyn and Bob to visit Casa del Herrero. After experiencing quite a memorable tour, the Williams’ were interested in pursuing further involvement with the organization. Eight years later, Carolyn remains a passionate docent and three-time co-chair of the Casa summer event, and Bob has served as a member of the Board of Trustees and chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee. “This is the first time Bob and I have volunteered together,” said Carolyn. “It makes it special for us because we are both passionate about the estate, and it feels good to know we are making a difference.”

Carolyn and Bob have a long history of giving back in their past communities. Carolyn thrives on discovering meaningful ways to engage with people, which she has previously channeled into serving as a docent for major museums. Part of this stems from her love of history and spending much of her career working as a middle school and high school language arts teacher, where she loved communicating new ideas to students. Professionally, Bob spent many years in community development. This gave him the opportunity to be involved in historic preservation in cities throughout the country. Today, they feel fortunate to be connected to the Casa, each bringing a special skill set to their volunteerism. “Casa del Herrero is such a significant part of the Santa Barbara community,” said Bob. “We try to give back as much as we can, which is rewarding. I like to focus on what I can contribute to provide the most positive outcome.”

Through their support of the Casa, Carolyn and Bob have seen first-hand the value of preservation. Thanks to their efforts, and those of other dedicated individuals, the Casa remains a community treasure. “We were introduced to the Casa in such a positive way that we feel we can now pass on this experience to others,” said Bob. “Mr. Steedman was a Renaissance man, and the Casa remains preserved as a National Historic Landmark in part due to his creativity.”

“Casa del Herrero reflects the spirit of this community. There is so much historical significance,” said Carolyn. “I am impressed that the Casa is a place that continues to grow even though so much of the past is preserved.”