On Sunday, June 4, Casa del Herrero will host Feria Andalusia, its annual summer art exhibition and garden fair showcasing the artwork of local Santa Barbara artists.

The event would not be possible without the Casa’s many sponsors, artists, and volunteers. It is with immense gratitude that we thank the following individuals:




Erin and Bryan Goligoski
Susan and Palmer Jackson, Jr.
Emily and Blake Jones
Travis and Tom Kranz
Nanette and Henry Nevins



Susan and Riley Bechtel
Sharon and David Bradford
Karen and Stephen Clark
Elizabeth Edwards
Cindy and John Hall
Jens Sorenson and Kyle Irwin
Lillian Lovelace
Val and Bob Montgomery
Lois H. Moore
Cheryl and Peter Ziegler



Kelly and Tom Bilek
Heather and Chris Biles
Lynn and Chris Brown
Kim and Andy Busch
Louise and Tim Casey
Mary Carolyn and Steb Chandor
Kathryne and Bill Dahlman
Jane and Bruce Defnet
Jane Dyruff
Diane Evans and Tom Farr
Paul Langh and Greg Goodman
Barbie and Art Henzell
Chana and Jim Jackson
Joan and Palmer Jackson, Sr.
Bobbie and John Kinnear
Jennifer and John Markham
Elizabeth Storm McGovern
Mari and Hank Mitchel
Betsey and John Moller
Fran Morrow
Michael Loftis and Eric Nickel
Nancy Zink O’Connor
Valerie and A.J. Rice
Meghan and Bob Stoll
Nola Stucky
The Steedman Family
Patty and Nick Weber
Carolyn and Bob Williams
Joanie and Gery Zacher


Corporate Patron

Armada Wine & Beer Merchant
Damitz, Brooks, Nightingale, Turner & Morrisset
Laura M. Bridley, AICP
Lynn Morris Contracting



Meredith Brooks Abbott
Whitney Brooks Abbott
Nancy Davidson
Camille Dellar
Pamela Enticknap
Priscilla Fossek
Rick Garcia
Wyllis Heaton
Ray Hunter
Ann Sanders
Richard Schloss
Frank Serrano
Garrett Speirs
Thomas Van Stein
Ralph Waterhouse


Volunteers and In-Kind Donors

Paula Askanas
Mary Coslett
Jane Dyruff
Bruce Emmons
Sally Green
Geoff Groves
Hogue & Co.
Gretchen Ingmanson
Gina Jannotta
Susanne McEwen
Jane Metiu
Chapin Nolen
Kiki O’Donnell
Larry Parsons
Jean Perry
Liz Rosedale
Diane Sassen
Sue Skenderian
Jan Smith
Louis Tilly