Casa del Herrero’s gardens come alive in the summertime, providing the perfect backdrop for the return of its annual Feria Andalusia Art Show and Garden Fair taking place on Sunday, June 3, 2018 from 4-7 p.m. The afternoon is always a feast for the senses with great artwork, festive music, and delicious appetizers.

The afternoon will include an exhibition showcasing the artwork of some of Santa Barbara’s finest artists, and will include paintings, fine art photography, and sculpture. The summer event highlights the passion we have for our architectural heritage and the feeling of connection we share as a community.

Featured artists include Meredith Abbott; Whitney Abbott; Bela Bacsi; Lynn Cunningham Brown; Nancy Davidson; William (Bill) Dewey; Henry Fechtman; Priscilla Fossek; Rick Garcia; Daniel Gibbings; Wyllis Heaton; Ann Sanders; Richard Schloss; Frank Serrano; Garrett Speirs; Robert Stivers; Thomas Van Stein; and Ralph Waterhouse.

The Casa looks forward to a lovely afternoon in its gardens!

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